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Nigerian Passport: Types, Cost & Renewal, How to Apply Online

Nigerian Passports are important piece of documents every citizen must possess, especially those who travel outside the country. As from March, 2019, the Nigerian Immigration Services (NIS) began issuing new e-Passports. They come in different booklet types and validity period. Therefore, applicants are at liberty to choose the type they wish to obtain, depending on their specific needs and purchasing powers. In this post we’ll talk about all the different types of Nigerian passports you can obtain and their respective cost of application and renewals. Furthermore, we’ll tell you how long it takes to process it. Citizens based in Nigeria apply for the Nigerian international passport either at a physical location of the Nigeria Immigration Services or on the official website. Similarly, Nigerians living in other countries may obtain passports through the nearest Nigerian embassy / consulate or online. Page Contents Types of Nigerian passportsHow much does it cost to obtain or renew Nige…
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